Science Behind Ovatel

Although your Ovatel scope is small enough to fit in your purse, there is science behind how it works. Ovatel is a mini-microscope that does not require a high powered light source, such as batteries or power cord. You will have a lens on your fertility scope that is at 54x magnification. This allows you to see the ferning and crystallizing pattern easily.

Magnification of Ovatel

The magnification of Ovatel is just as sophisticated as any other magnifying device. The lens that you put your sample on also is the magnifying portion of your scope. You do not have to deal with confusing knobs to help focus your viewing field. You simply pull the lens piece closer or push it further from your eye to focus the scope.

If you are not seeing anything on your mini-scope, you may need to apply more of a saliva sample. No matter when you test each day, there should be something in the screen. Estrogen is always in your body, so small amounts of crystals will be in your saliva. As your estrogen peaks during your fertile window, you will see more and more crystals in your sample. Right before ovulation the crystals will all be touching to form what looks like a fern leaf. This pattern means that ovulation is going to occur within 24-48 hours.

Why Only Estrogen? Aren’t There Other Hormones at Work?

While there are many hormones that make up a woman’s cycle, estrogen is the key ingredient that we look for. All of the body’s hormones must work together when they are supposed to for the body to function correctly. But estrogen is made in high amounts at only one time per cycle – the follicular phase.

Estrogen is used to determine fertility using the Ovatel scope because only a maturing egg makes enough to be detected in saliva.

Once your period has started your ovaries begin a race to make an egg. Many follicles will begin to grow, but only 1-2 will mature per cycle. Follicles make estrogen, which makes them grow bigger. The bigger they get the more estrogen they make. This is a circle that keeps happening until the follicle is big enough to release the mature egg.

All the other hormones trigger the follicles to grow or are released after ovulation from the ovary that ovulated. These hormones will not predict that ovulation may occur; rather they confirm that it has after the fact. Ovatel uses the predicting quality of estrogen so you can time your intercourse and get pregnant. If your levels of estrogen are not normal, you will be able to see that too.

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